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“One great source of satisfaction is knowing that our former community, The Gables, is in the very capable management hands of Appletree Bay Property Management. Thank you Patrick, for your willingness to work with the community, and for assigning Keith as the property manager. Having witnessed Keith at work, and in hearing the complimentary comments regarding his interface with Gables owners, I am so pleased to know everything ended up as we’d hoped.”– K.E., former Gables Area Association Board Member

"Our condo association was in desperate need of a property manager that would be responsive to our homeowners, precise and accurate with their bookkeeping, and knowledgeable about condominium law, building maintenance, and communication. We talked with many different boards and quickly realized that the only happy board members were those that were working with Appletree Bay Property Management.
Making the switch to Appletree Bay Property Management was expensive; it cost us 50% more than previous property managers. We looked at this as an investment, and already it's paying off. We've been working with them now for five (5) months and have already made progress on projects that had been stalled for over two (2) years, they have introduced us to local and regional experts that are reviewing the condition of our property, and their recent competitive bidding process will save us 20% from our original budget for a major project. Our homeowners are thrilled that they are called back promptly and we all love having our new website as a repository for board minutes, budgets and other important documents.
If you are in a situation similar to ours, I encourage you to look closely at Appletree Bay Property Management." - John Canning, Winding Brook Treasurer

“As a board member of my condo association, I have had the pleasure of working with Appletree Bay Property Management for the past 5 years. Their support and guidance over this time has allowed our community to stay ahead of needed repairs and remain on strong financial footing.  Our representative, Amelia, has also provided us with a long-term budget plan, which has given myself and my fellow Board and Association members the confidence that our association will continue to maintain our surroundings at the high level that has come to be expected.  Thank you Appletree Bay Property Management!” - Ben Eisenberg, former Overlook West Board Member

 “I have two properties that have been managed by Appletree Bay Property Management for over 10 years. For the last 8 ½ years I have been living in England, which means I have to rely on their services more than most people. Appletree Bay Property Management has always been quick to respond to any request or questions. In addition, their bookkeeping is excellent, with concise monthly statements, which is also easy to understand. I hold Appletree Bay Property Management and their employees in high regard, and have and will continue to recommend them.”  - Barbara Bonner

“My wife and I currently reside in Virginia; it was a comfortable and confident feeling right from the beginning of our relationship with Appletree Bay Property Management. Appletree Bay Property Management’s accommodation and art of instant communications are also top-notch. Whether it is by phone, e-mail or otherwise, we are always apprised in advance of an impending situation, thus averting potential issues and their consequences. This real-time information instills in us the trust we need from a property manager. In addition, Appletree Bay Property Management resolves all minor maintenance issues for us and is another reason why we respect Appletree Bay Property Management and their team’s decisions. Lastly, their professional accounting practices provide us matter-of-fact and indispensable expense statements as well.
Frankly, we’ve tried other property managers with absolute disastrous results - burst pipes, police calls, rowdiness, even drugs. NONE of this has ever been an issue with Appletree. In our opinion, these folks ease the burden of “management-from-afar” and would be an asset to any landlord." - Tom and Patty Latshaw

As I complete my end of year transactions, I would be remiss if I failed to communicate the respect I have for Appletree Bay Property Management. HDI’s relationship with Appletree Bay Property Management goes back many years, and has remained a positive and steady professional relationship throughout. 
Appletree Bay has become the property management company on many of the projects that HDI has constructed and sold. As the representative of the association of owners of each of these projects, you have provided invaluable management expertise. Appletree Bay Property Management has consistently balanced various associations’ issues with those of HDI, and has managed to do so while maintaining the respect of all.
I personally live in a condominium community which is managed by Appletree Bay, and in this case, my relationship with Appletree Bay Property Management is that of a homeowner, which is a complete role reversal from my everyday role as a developer/builder. I have been delighted with the service that has been provided to me and our association. 
I look forward to maintaining our working relationship for many years to come." – Jeff S. Feussner, President, Homestead Design, Inc.

“I know I am in good hands renting from Appletree Bay Property Management. They have consistently been prompt and thorough if I have a concern, and go out of their way to make sure their tenants find quality and peace of mind in their home.” – Laura Richards

“My wife and I have rented with Appletree Bay Property Management since June 2011. We have been very satisfied with the quality of the apartment as well as the services we receive. We are particularly impressed by the quick response time of the managers. We certainly recommend Appletree Bay Property Management if someone is looking for reasonably priced apartments that also have an excellent management crew.” – Nitinkumar Jabre